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thermal_characterization_of_alumina_trihydrate_ath_and_flammability_studies_of_ath_filled_low_density_polyethylene.pdfTHERMAL CHARACTERIZATION OF ALUMINA TRIHYDRATE (ATH) AND FLAMMABILITY STUDIES OF ATH FILLED LOW DENSITY POLYETHYLENE
ABSTRACT : Alumina trihydrate (ATH) which is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly flame retardant was characterized using Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) and Differential Thermal Analysis (OTA). The effect of ATH content on flammability properties of LOPE was determined using Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) and smoke density test. The thermal characterization studies showed that the temperature range for ATH to effectively act as a flame retardant is from 200°C to 350°C. In water release test, it was also determined that the release of the chemically-combined water in ATH increased with increasing temperature. The LOI test showed that the flame retardancy of LOPE increased with increasing ATH content and decreasing ATH particle size. The smoke density test of a burning ATH filled LOPE proved that ATH is also effective in reducing smoke density. The study also showed that the viscosity of ATH filled LOPE decreased with increasing ATH particle size. KEYWORDS: Alumina trihydrate, flame retardant, low density polyethylene, thermal characterization, flammability studies Author: Mazyiar Sabet, Azman Hassan, Mat Uzir Wahit, Chantara Thevy Ratnam
Year: 2009
the_flying_vehicle_optimum_flight_trajectory_design.pdfTHE FLYING VEHICLE OPTIMUM FLIGHT TRAJECTORY DESIGN
ABSTRACT: A design procedure is suggested for the flying vehicle optimal transfer from the initial to a final state in one plane, in the central gravitation field, in empty space and under the action of fixed thrust. The given study considers the flying vehicle motion control algorithms built proceeding from the optimal control applied theory and using a linear programme by the angle of pitch. The comparison of these flying vehicle motion control algorithms was carried out. KEYWORDS : Equations of flying vehicle motion, flying vehicle, optimal control Author: V. P. Nesterov
Year: 2009
teknik_pembinaan_semula_kemalangan_jalan_raya.pdfTEKNIK PEMBINAAN SEMULA KEMALANGAN JALAN RAYA
ABSTRACT: Accident investigation and analysis is used to provide the guide of who was at fault and also provide information of how the accidents occur as well as the cause. Road accident analysis can be done more accurate if all the information on that particular accident is gathered with more ehensive and systematic way. The following information need to be gathered: (a) information at the accident site; (b) information from the accident victim and witness who saw the accident,· (c) information from the vehicle technical book; (d) technical examination on the damage of the vehicle involved and (e) accident reconstruction. The information gathered can be used to conduct the accident analysis with mathematics and scientific technique. The vehicle speed can be calculated using mathematical unique. Accident analysis can provide information on the vehicle speed prior to the accident, accident angle and most important, this method can provide information whether this accident can be avoided from occurring if the driver follow the allowable speed limit This article will also elaborate the method need to be done in the road accident investigation and analysis. Author: Talib Ria Jaafar, Mohd Shafii Mohd Tahir, Ramlan Kasiran
Year: 2009
ABSTRACT : Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) is getting popular lately in many applications due to its low production cost, simple design, small size, and light weight. However, the current design of PMG suffers from dislocation of permanent magnet that located around the outer surface of the rotor especially at high speed. This may cause instability in its output voltage. This paper presents a new design of PMG which addresses the problem mentioned above. In this PMG, the permanent magnets are embedded inside the rotor. This would lead to a more stable output voltage. Both the theoretical and experimental results of the proposed PMG are presented and discussed. The result confirms that the new design of PMG is more suitable for high speed than the existing design. KEYWORDS : Permanent Magnet Generator, rotational generator, slot type, losses, Permeance Analysis Method, rotor radius, slot number. Author: M. Norhisam, M. Norafiza, M. Syafiq, I. Aris, M.Nirei, H.Wakiwaka, Abdul Razak J.
Year: 2009
design_of_automatic_scrambled_egg_cooker.pdfDESIGN OF AUTOMATIC SCRAMBLED EGG COOKER
ABSTRACT : The total design of an automatic scrambled egg cooker is presented in this paper. A market investigation on existing products similar to the current design indicated the potential for an automatic scrambled egg cooker. A dynamic document called product design specification was prepared as design guides. Four design concepts of automotive egg cooker were developed using various methods such as the gallery method and evaluation was performed in which, the best concept was chosen for further improvement. The design was improved during embodiment design stage. Detailed design was produced using 30 solid modeling CAD system. Partial value analysis of this product was reported. The final selected concept of automatic scrambled egg cooker use a combination of electromechanical devices to achieve the cooking of scrambled egg. The best concept features modular components which can be used as stand-alone products. The product is very compact and it has the capability to break the egg easily, able to cook scrambled egg, salt and pepper can be mixed, has the feature to control the cooking time, it knows when cooking is completed, can be placed on the counter and has on and off switch button. KEYWORDS : Conceptual design, egg cooker, total design, scrambled eggs Author: Sapuan S.M., Leman z., Rahman M.A., Oshkour A.A. and
Year: 2009
design_and_analysis_of_slot_type_embedded_permanent_magnet_generator.pdfDESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF SLOT TYPE EMBEDDED PERMANENT
ABSTRACT: PermanentMagnetGenerator(PMG)isgettingpopularlatelyinmany applicationsduetoitslowproductioncost,simpledesign,smallsize,andlightweightHowever, thecurrentdesignofPMGsuffersfromdislocationofpermanentmagnetthatlocatedaround theoutersurfaceoftherotorespeciallyathighspeed.Thismaycauseinstabilityinitsoutput voltage.ThispaperpresentsanewdesignofPMGwhichaddressestheproblemmentioned above.InthisPMG,thepermanentmagnetsareembeddedinsidetherotor.Thiswouldlead toamorestableoutputvoltage.Boththetheoreticalandexperimentalresultsoftheproposed PMGarepresentedanddiscussed.TheresultconfirmsthatthenewdesignofPMGismore suitableforhighspeedthantheexistingdesign. KEYWORDS:PermanentMagnetGenerator,rotationalgenerator,slottype,losses, PermeanceAnalysisMethod,rotorradius,slotnumber. Author: MNorhisam,MNorafiza,MSyafiq,I.Aris,M. Nirel,H. Wakiwaka and Abdul Razak J.
Year: 2009