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thrust_calculation_of_linear_oscillatory_actuator_using_permeance_analysis_method.pdfTHRUST CALCULATION OF LINEAR OSCILLATORY ACTUATOR USING PERMEANCE ANALYSIS METHOD
ABSTRACT : In the past, linear motors were used in transportation systems. Currently, linear motors replace a system using a rotating motor and a transmission to realize a linear movement. By using linear motors, the performances can be increased considerably since the mechanical limitations are removed. This leads to a better precision, higher acceleration and higher speed of the moving part. Linear Oscillatory Actuator (LOA) is one of the linear motor applications that can be applied in various applications such as shaker machines and rapid motion machines.The two techniques used to calculate the thrust of LOA are Finite Elements Method (FEM) and Permeance Analysis Method (PAM). In this paper, the thrust of LOA was calculated using PAM. The result from PAM was compared with FEM and further verified experimentally.
Year: 2009
the_flying_vehicle_flight_trajectory_optimization_three-dimensional_motion.pdfTHE FLYING VEHICLE FLIGHT TRAJECTORY OPTIMIZATION
ABSTRACT : A design technique is suggested for the flying vehicle optimal transfer from the initial to a final state in three-dimensional space, in the central gravitation field, in empty space and under the action of fixed thrust. The given study considers the flying vehicle motion control algorithm built proceeding from the optimal control applied theory. The changes of the angle of attack ?(t) and velocity roll angle ?V(t) versus the flying vehicle flight time are presented for the given inclination value. A value variation of additional costs of the characteristic velocity at the end of flight and a residue change between the flying vehicle final mass for inclination ?i ? 0 and for ?i = 0 depending on inclination value ?i under optimal control (the angle of attack and velocity roll angle) are also shown. KEYWORDS : Three-dimensional motion, optimal control, flying vehicle, equations of flying vehicle motion, angle of attack, velocity roll angle Author: V. P. Nesterov
Year: 2009
phase_shift_keying_optical_communication_by_mach_zehnder_technique_using_single_laser.pdfPHASE SHIFT KEYING OPTICAL COMMUNICATION BY MACH ZEHNDER TECHNIQUE USING SINGLE LASER
ABSTRACT : Two channels Phase Shift Keying optical communication system using a single laser light source was investigated. In this experiment, Mach Zehnder Interferometer was used for encoding signals and homodyne technique for decoding signals. In this system, the light source was split into three parts each having its own plane of polarisation such that two parts were used for carrying signals and the third part was used as a reference. All three optical signals were combined before transmitting on the transmission side and decoded independently on the receiving side with the help of the reference wave. KEYWORDS : Homodyne technique, optical communication, Phase Shift Keying (PSK), encoder and decoder Author: S.J. lqbal, Reza Shokrani, A.S. Ramzia and H.B. Ahmad
Year: 2009
design_of_linear_oscillatory_actuator_for_high_thrust_characteristics_by_adjusting_the_taper_parameters.pdfDESIGN OF LINEAR OSCILLATORY ACTUATOR FOR HIGH THRUST CHARACTERISTICS BY ADJUSTING THE TAPER PARAMETERS
ABSTRACT : Linear oscillatory actuator is a type of linear motor. It gives oscillatory linear motion without intermediate parts like gear, belt and screw that tend to decrease the motor efficiency. It can be applied to various types of industrial application especially for rapid movement and shaker machine application. In this paper, slot type of LOA with optimum performance characteristics has been designed and developed. The performance characteristics which have been used to evaluate the LOA performance are maximum thrust, cogging force and normal force. These values were obtained using arrangement of various taper parameters. The taper parameters used are height of taper (ht) and length of taper gap ({). As a result, the LOA has been designed and fabricated using the chosen taper parameters with optimum performance. These parameters include the height of taper (ht) of 1.0 mm and length of taper gap (It) of 1.5 mm. With the combination of values of the taper parameter, the LOA produces maximum thrust of 160 N, cogging force of 10 N and normal force of 502 N. KEYWORDS : Linear oscillatory actuator, thrust, cogging force, normal force, taper parameter Author: M. Norhisam, Alias K. , F. Azhar, R.N Firdaus, S.M. Bashi, N. Mariun, Abdul Razak J.
Year: 2009
a_study_on_self-assessment_practice_using_malaysian_qmea_criteria_for_improving_organizational_performance.pdfA STUDY ON SELF-ASSESSMENT PRACTICE USING MALAYSIAN QMEA CRITERIA FORIMPROVING ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE
ABSTRACT : This paper presents a study on the self-assessment implementation in a manufacturing company in Malaysia. It begins with a brief overview of the various quality award models and the self-assessment process. Later, it provides a brief discussion on the quality excellence award model, how to use the model and how to manage activities in the self-assessment process. It is then followed by a detail discussion on a selfassessment model based on the Malaysian's Quality Management Excellence Award (QMEA). This paper also discusses the results obtained from the three self-assessment evaluation that had been conducted in a manufacturing company in Malaysia. Finally, this paper culminates with a conclusion on self-assessment goals in enhancing organizational competitiveness and excellence. KEYWORDS: self-assessment, quality management, excellence award, organizational improvement. Author: Baba Md. Deros, Mohd Nizam Ab. Rahman and Jaharah A. Ghani
Year: 2009