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analysis_of_multiple_bit_errors_on_line_correcting_circuit_for_atm_network.pdfANALYSIS OF MULTIPLE BIT ERRORS ON-LINE CORRECTING CIRCUIT FOR ATM NETWORK
ABSTRACT : This paper proposes a simple but orthodox technique that could enable on-line detection and correction on multiple bit errors, thus reducing the need to retransmit any lost ATM data or information sent by sender (service provider) to receivers (customers). Currently, numerous error correction techniques have been proposed and one of them is forward error correction, which could be implemented for linear block codes (Reed-Solomon codecs) and convolutional codes (Viterbi codecs). In the proposed technique, the incoming ATM signals are being constantly compared with its respective reference signals. Our results are compared with other new techniques recently proposed or developed by other researchers and show that the measured low value of cell loss ratio meant no data or information loss occurring in the ATM payload, which indicates our proposed technique successfully eliminates any kind of bit errors in the incoming signal, and the technique does not require any retransmission of lost information or data. KEYWORDS : Error detection and correction, asynchronous transfer mode, cell loss ratio, fuzzy logic. Author: Abu Bakar Hasan, Masuri Othman , Jamaludin Omar and Mahamod lsmail
20053/14/2017 12:23 PM3/30/2017 10:33 AM
a_parametric_aeroelastic_analysis_of_a_thin_flat_plate_in_subsonic_flow_0.pdfA PARAMETRIC AEROELASTIC ANALYSIS OF A THIN FLAT PLATE IN SUBSONIC FLOW
ABSTRACT : This paper describes fundamental work in computational parametric aeroelastic analysis of a thin flat plate clamped at the leading edge and exposed to subsonic airflow. The plate's equation of motion was modeled using Newton's Law of Motion while the airflow was modeled using the Small Disturbance Unsteady Aerodynamic theory. The aeroelastic analyses were performed at various aspect and mass ratios and were validated with published work. Results show that the flutter velocity and flutter frequency decreases as the aspect ratio and mass ratios of the plate increases. KEYWORDS : Flutter, subsonic flow, aspect ratio, mass ratio. Author: Dayang Laila Majid and ShahNor Basri
20053/14/2017 12:23 PM3/30/2017 10:32 AM
composite_product_development_case_study_in_automotive_bumper_fascia.pdfCOMPOSITE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: CASE STUDY IN AUTOMOTIVE BUMPER FASCIA
ABSTRACT : In this paper a study of total design of polymeric-based composite automotive bumper fascia is presented. The total design method consists of the following activities: market investigation, product design specifications, details and conceptual design. Each activity was performed successfully in this study. During the detail design stage, a material selection system was developed to come up with the best material for the component. KEYWORDS : Total design, composite bumper fascia, conceptual design. Author: S.M. Sapuan, M.N. Suddin, N. lsmail and M.A. Maleque
20053/14/2017 12:23 PM3/30/2017 10:33 AM
development_of_a_low_power_high_quality_pulse_width_modulated_audio_amplifier.pdfDEVELOPMENT OF A LOW POWER HIGH QUALITY PULSE WIDTH MODULATED AUDIO AMPLIFIER
ABSTRACT : Audio amplifiers are used widely in both entertainment and telecommunication industries to reproduce the required quality sound with amplification. The most common audio amplifiers available in the market can be categorised as class A, class B and class AB. Each class of the audio amplifier has its own weakness. For example, class A audio amplifier has poor efficiency, while both classes B and AB suffer from a crossover distortion problem. If the efficiency of the audio amplifier is poor, the amount of heat dissipated by the amplifier is large. As a result many heat sinks or auxiliary fans have to be used to solve this problem, which adds more cost to its production and increases its physical size. This paper presents the design and implementation of a low power high quality pulse-width-modulated (PWM) power MOSFET-based audio amplifier, which is able to improve both its efficiency and audio quality. A natural sampled PWM switching strategy is utilised in the development of the amplifier to reduce its harmonic level and increase its efficiency. The design is divided into a rectifier module, a PWM modulator, a pulse-cutting circuit, a gate drive circuit, a power circuit module and an output module. The experimental results are presented and discussed. The experimental results show that the efficiency of the amplifier can be increased to more than 90% and the amount of heat dissipated from the amplifier is greatly reduced to more than 95%, which eliminates the use of heat sinks in the proposed amplifier. KEYWORDS : Audio amplifier, pulse width modulation, entertainment, telecommunication. Author: Ishak bin Aris and L. N. Hulley
20053/14/2017 12:23 PM3/30/2017 10:34 AM
low_power_consumption_thermooptic_switch_using_polymers.pdfLOW POWER CONSUMPTION THERMOOPTIC SWITCH USING POLYMERS
ABSTRACT : We demonstrate a waveguide based thermooptic optical switch with low electric power consumption using polymer materials. The buried square core waveguides structure to form a directional coupler has been adopted for single mode operation at 1550 nm wavelength. The index contrast of the upper cladding and the waveguiding layers is 0.03. The index contrast of the lateral section of the waveguiding and lower cladding layers is 0.005. The asymmetrical fabricated switch exhibits very low switching power of 12.26 mW. The crosstalk level of 30 dB for the cross state and the bar state had been achieved. KEYWORDS : Thermooptic optical switch, buried square core waveguide, directional coupler, switching power, crosstalk, thermooptic polymer material. Author: Abu Sahmah Mohd Supa'at, Abu Bakar Mohammad and Norazan Mohd Kassim
20053/14/2017 12:23 PM3/30/2017 10:34 AM
synthesis_of_8-bit_smart_card_microprocessor_using_harvard_architecture_and_risc.pdfSYNTHESIS OF 8-BIT SMART CARD MICROPROCESSOR USING HARVARD ARCHITECTURE AND RISC
ABSTRACT : There has been rapid growth of demand in usage of smart card in the world recently. The most important component of smart card is its microprocessor. Smart card microprocessor is responsible in managing the data such as loading or storing information inside the memory of the smart card. With the addition of a encryptor/decryptor, smart card microprocessor can also provide a security feature which is of most concern in the technology relating to the smart card. The synthesis and development of an 8-bit smart card microprocessor uses the Harvard architecture and reduced instruction set computer (RISC) instruction set. KEYWORDS : Smart card, RISC, VHDL, Harvard architecture Author: Mohd. Liakot Ali, Mohd Khair Hassan, Wan Zuha Wan Hasan and Tan Var Loo
20053/14/2017 12:24 PM3/30/2017 10:35 AM
total_design_and_fabrication_of_a_cost_effective_portable_decontamination_shower.pdfTOTAL DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF A COST EFFECTIVE PORTABLE DECONTAMINATION SHOWER
ABSTRACT : Design and fabrication of a cost effective decontamination shower is presented in this paper. The design method follows total design route where market investigation, product design specification, conceptual design, detail design and fabrication of a decontamination shower were carried out. Four concepts of decontamination shower were developed and the best concept was selected using Pugh evaluation matrix method. The selected concept resembles a C channel. It consists of three units of galvanized iron pipes with 1 m length to form the body and six units of 30 mm diameter galvanized iron pipes with 0.5 m length to form the top of the decontamination shower. As an end product, a desirable decontamination shower has been fabricated. The decontamination shower was simple, portable and cheaper compared to the existing unit and requires only 5.00 bars to operate and produce the pressure needed to decontaminate a person. KEYWORDS : Decontamination shower, total design, emergency response, conceptual design, detail design. Author: S.M. Sapuan, K.H. Cheng, S.H. Tang and F. Abas
20053/14/2017 12:24 PM3/30/2017 10:35 AM