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Papers should be typewritten using Microsoft Word in Times New Roman, 11-points, double spaced on one side of A4 paper, and with a margin of one inch all round. Manuscripts should not exceed 5,000 words and specialist terminology and footnotes should be avoided.


The title should be concise, descriptive and preferably not exceeding 15 words. The title should be in 12-points Times New Roman, boldface type and centered. The name(s) of the author(s), affiliation(s) and full address(es) should be included. Corresponding author should be indicated by providing his/her email address and telephone number.


Abstract should be concise and should not exceed 200 words. Abstract should state the background that led to the present series of experiments, the study design, the methods used, the data obtained and the conclusions drawn based on the findings. This should then be followed by no more than 5 keywords (separated by commas) identifying the matter for retrieval systems.


The source of the materials used with the appropriate reference should be listed. The methods should be thorough so that other investigators can duplicate the work. When the standard deviations or statistical analysis are not reported, it is assumed that the investigators have been able to sufficiently reproduce the data presented in the results section.


Results should be presented with clarity and conciseness. Data should be expressed in Systems International (SI) units throughout the text. Metric units should be added in parentheses. The data that were generated should be analyzed in the light of the available published reports. Attempts should be made not to reiterate the results in the discussion section.


A summary of the findings that is tailored to the objectives of the study should be presented in this section.


Acknowledgment the following: source of support; the personnel who contributed to the technical aspects of the project and to the preparation of the manuscript.


References in the text should be denoted by giving the name(s) of the author(s) with year of publication in parentheses. If there are more than two authors, it is in order to put "et al" after the first name.

Bibliographical references should be listed in alphabetical order of author at the end of the paper. The following style should be adopted:

Journal citation: Chan, T.K., Herlina, S. and Ruangsap, B. (1993). Cloning of promoter sequences from Escherichia coli. J. mol. Biol. 45: pp 567-575.

Book: Chan, T.K. (1992). Plasmids of enterobacteria. In: Pathogenesis of bacterial infections, ed. Ramirez, A. and Aquino, S., Protea Press, Kuala Lumpur, pp 235-245.

Report: Dubin, F.S., Mindell, H.L. and Blomme, S. (1976). How to save energy and cut costs in existing industrial and commercial buildings. An energy conservation report, May, Noyes Data Corporation, Park Ridge, USA.


All illustrations should be photographed in sharp black and white, high contrast, glossy prints. Illustrations (including formulae) generated using computer programs should be saved in JPEG/TIFF format, they may also be scanned (300 dpi). Graphs and diagrams should be large enough to permit 50% reduction and be numbered consecutively in the same order as in the text, where they should be referred as "Figure" and not "Fig.". All figures should be called out in the text as well as properly labeled and captioned. Captions should be typed in 10-point (italic), Times New Roman and placed below figure. Please be reminded that permissions are required in reproduction of tables, graphs, photos or any copyrighted features that are complete in themselves. It is a courtesy to notify the original author of your intention to reproduce his/her material.


These should have short descriptive titles, be self-explanatory and should appear in the text. They should be as concise as possible. Table captions should be in 10-point Times New Roman and located above tables.


Type all equations. Displayed formulas should have one line of space above and one below. Type equation numbers in Arabic numerals in parentheses flush with the right margin. Number displayed equations consecutively.

Page Numbering

Do not automatically paginate your pages. The editors will consecutively number the proceedings.


All manuscripts will be refereed for relevance and quality. Authors are required to submit the names and addresses of two qualified reviewers.


The Editor reserves the right to make literary corrections and adjust style for uniformity.

One set of proofs will be sent to the main author to be checked for printer's errors, and it is the responsibility of the author to submit corrections to the Editor.

Submission of Manuscript

Please e- mail the manuscript to:

​​Moh Siew Ling e-mail: